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Pratibha Parmar's 'Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth': An Update (podcast)

Back in September, I interviewed director Pratibha Parmar about her latest film Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth , well on its way to completion. This podcast is an update. I feel so lucky to be able to follow some of the process of making Beauty in Truth and I love Pratibha's eloquence about her work; I can't wait to see it! Download the podcast here (30min). This Wednesday Pratibha's classic A Place of Rage (1991), about the role of black women in the American civil rights movement, will show at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival , along with two short films that will also accompany it when it's released on DVD later this year— Angela: An Icon Reflects , a new interview with Angela Davis, and Wrong is Not My Name , the late June Jordan reading her Wrong is Not My Name poem, presented with a mixture of archival footage and animation. On Thursday at the festival, Pratibha will present excerpts from Beauty and Truth , and be interviewed.  Another recent int

Tautoko for an Unknown Woman; & for Women Make Movies' online plans

I. I’ve been finishing Mouse , my first short comic, and am researching/writing a play. Being quiet. And it takes a lot to get me out of the house before 2pm. But last week was Writers & Readers week here in Wellington. Part of the big New Zealand International Arts Festival. So I went to sessions I thought would help my work. A Bill Manhire poetry masterclass to enhance my research. A genre session where Denise Mina talked about the way (writing) comics exercises both sides of her brain and about a list of ‘rules’ that includes one about using only 40 words per panel. And a session on “Why is Theatre Not Dead Yet?” with local playwrights Dave Armstrong and Ken Duncum and with Englishman Robert Shearman, probably best known as a playwright who also wrote for Dr Who . They were very warm and funny and informative and I loved it. And then came the Q & A. This is how poet Bill Nelson reported the element that concerns me, in a sharp little review-as-script—the story of a wo

Why Do Women Filmmakers Create Film Festivals? (podcast)

Kate Kaminski applies stage blood during filming of 2020 © Judy Beedle Photography Why do women filmmakers create film festivals? In this podcast Kate Kaminski ( Bluestocking Series  in Maine, the only women's festival in the world where the primary criterion is that the films pass the Bechdel Test) and Briony Kidd ( A Stranger With My Face Horror Festival in Hobart) talk about their motivations and aims, the relationships between their filmmaking and their festival-making and about the role of the Bechdel Test in their festivals. I was fascinated by their differences and similarities. Warm thanks to them both. Podcast 60mins LINKS & NOTES

Sheila Jackson Hardy's 'Nice & Rough: Black Women in Rock' (podcast)

In this podcast, Sheila Jackson Hardy talks about about her multi-platform Nice & Rough: Black Women in Rock project. It celebrates the unknown history and present-day community of Black women in rock. Download podcast Links Nice & Rough  website Twitter Facebook Eve's Lime , Sheila's production company NOTES