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Three New Screen Laureates!

Just announced! Three celebrated screen storytellers have been awarded prestigious arts laureateships from the Aotearoa New Zealand Arts Foundation. Here they are! Sima Urale Filmmaker Sima Urale is influenced by her Samoan heritage and her experience of living in urban New Zealand. Her films include O TamaitiStill LifeCoffee and Allah and Apron Strings. This year, she won the New Zealand Film Commission’s annual gender scholarship for Pacific Island screenwriters, with a sample script from her feature film, Solo, which according to the assessors “is breathtaking in its fine detail and slow build-up of nuanced tension. The work of an expert screenwriter at the height of her powers. The voice is original and authentic with detail that can only come from lived experience.” 
Sima started her career as an actor, quickly realised she wanted to write and create her own work and credits her distinctive aesthetic to her start in theatre and love for art. She says “I’m really privileged t…

Shuchi Kothari

Shuchi Kothari
Shuchi Kothari is a filmmaker and academic, based at the University of Auckland, where she where she convenes the Screen Production programme. She’s written three short films: Fleeting BeautyCoffee and Allah;and Clean Linen; and two features: Firaaq with Nandita Das, who also directed; and Apron Strings, with Dianne Taylor, directed by Sima Urale. Shuchi was co-creator of A Thousand Apologies, New Zealand’s first prime-time Asian series; and was the writer and presenter of The Taste of Place: Stories of Food and Longing.
Shuchi is also a producer of most of these projects; and one of the founders of the Pan-Asian Screen Collective. I interviewed her late in 2018, after the first short she’s written and directed, Shit One Carries, opened at the New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF).
Marian How did you feel about Shit One Carries opening at the New Zealand International Film Festival?

Shit One Carries still
Shuchi It was lovely because everything I’ve written and…