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Bea Joblin and her Births, Deaths & Marriages

Births, Deaths and Marriages  was a highlight of last year’s New Zealand International Film Festival for me, one of only two local features selected by the festival. It is a heart-warming, funny tale about an Irish family in the Hutt Valley, shot when Bea Joblin its writer/director/producer was 20. Bea on set, centre, with Sophie at right Bea describes  Births, Deaths & Marriages  as being ‘shot in 2014 for about $4000, in a state house in Upper Hutt…a fictional home video set in a family home where the camera is held by one of the characters as they record a weekend in their family’s life. The film is a celebration of working class women and the dirty, overcrowded chaos of life’. It was funded by the New Zealand Film Commission at post-production. Births, Deaths & Marriages  is about to be released into cinemas in New Zealand (see below). It’s also screening at festivals in Australia. Bea and kōtiro Piata @devt  Why and when and how did you start to make fi