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Kathleen Winter & ‘Minimum’

Kathleen Winter’s  Minimum  explores the lives of women of various ages, ethnicities and sexualities working in minimum wage and under-appreciated jobs in Aotearoa. In hospitality; as carers for old people and as teacher aides for disabled children; as call centre and security workers; as cleaners and bus drivers; often dealing with zero-hours contracts, racism, sexism and abuse; often with multiple jobs, bad housing and a struggle to buy food; and, if they have children, not able to see their children often enough. A 10-part webseries,  Minimum  was made with support from the Emerging Artists Trust, New Zealand on Air (NZOA) and Wellington City Council. Kathleen searched hard for women with stories to tell, through social media and other networks, with a website where women could tell their stories anonymously if they liked. I enjoyed playing a small, early, part in her meticulous process and found the finished series — told in a mix of participants speaking to camera and

The Middle Wife

Kahra Scott-James and Tanya M. Wheeler are making an ambitious short film,  The Middle Wife , described by an LA script consultant as ‘ Northanger Abbey  meets  The Innocents’.  It  explores domestic violence. And they are crowd-funding on  Boosted   for its first stage. I know Tanya as a prolific and deeply committed screenwriter, with credits on the short films  Wrong  and  Footsteps , on  Power Rangers , the feature  Umbrella Man ;   and the award-winning  RESET   webseries, which she also produced.  And I’m learning about Kahra, a writer, a sound designer, re-recording mixer and occasional composer whose award-winning  Trap   screened at last year’s New Zealand International Film Festival (among many other festivals). She has designed soundtracks for 3D interactive movie creators Brilliant Digital Entertainment (USA/Australia — Warner Brothers/DC Comics), managed an audio post-production studio for several years, working on broadcast, film and animation projects and lect

NZ Update #18.2: Beyond Exceptionality?

It’s all go here in New Zealand, so I’ve had to add this to the  last post . And — working around other commitments — I’ve probably missed stuff! But it looks like there are more and more reasons to be optimistic about positive change following more announcements: from the New Zealand International Film Festival (NZFF); New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC, our taxpayer-funded film agency); and the New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG). Some Wellbeing Budget allocations that could help increase opportunities for women, too. Some awards that acknowledge some brilliant women. Two upcoming summits. New Zealand’s Best Short Film Jane Campion (credit: NZFC) Part of the NZFF and to be judged by Jane Campion this year. And five of the six  finalist films  she has selected are #directedbywomen (or co-directed)– Egg Cup Requiem  directed by Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow;  Hinekura , directed by Becs Arahanga (also one of the  Vai  writer/directors; and  Hinekura  won the Mana Wairoa