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NZ Update #17.2: Wellbeing & Women's Feature Filmmaking

Over on Medium ,  there's a prettier, easier, read of this post . ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I get up early on Friday 15 March. I want to complete this followup to  NZ Update #17.1: Safety Revisited   (Update #17.1)   – about women's lack of safety in New Zealand in general and in the screen industries in particular – before I leave to support the School Strike for Climate  gathering in the grounds of Parliament. Sharon Murdoch on the School Strike, with – for those of you who aren't NZers – commentary from two MPs & a journo (reproduced with kind permission of Sharon Murdoch: we’re so blessed to have her!) I don't quite finish before I leave home. But no problem: climate change activism is urgent, a priority in this summer/autumn when – to give just two examples – not one stick insect has appeared in our garden and very very few honey bees, although there are many flowering plants for them. Today,  the sun's intensity is shocking. Like t