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NZ Update #17.2: Wellbeing & Women's Feature Filmmaking

Over on Mediumthere's a prettier, easier, read of this post.
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I get up early on Friday 15 March. I want to complete this followup to NZ Update #17.1: Safety Revisited(Update #17.1)– about women's lack of safety in New Zealand in general and in the screen industries in particular – before I leave to support the School Strike for Climate gathering in the grounds of Parliament.
I don't quite finish before I leave home. But no problem: climate change activism is urgent, a priority in this summer/autumn when – to give just two examples – not one stick insect has appeared in our garden and very very few honey bees, although there are many flowering plants for them. Today,  the sun's intensity is shocking. Like the spring sun when the gaps in the ozone layer first affected us. Only more so.

I leave Parliament inspired and heartened by those dedicated, super-well-informed, graceful, warm and articulate activists. And moved by Maori Don…