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Wellywood Woman Leaves For Other Gardens

Time to turn 'Wellywood Woman' to compost, take it to new gardens, real and metaphorical. Time to go.   Blogger's been unsatisfactory for a while, since format changes caused some intros to drop out; and other ugly problems. So I've taken posts that I still love, and that readers have loved, to my Medium publications (which I enjoy looking at and you may find useful or even entertaining). #womeninfilm, #festivals & #databases Festivals truly matter for #womeninfilm. Some are for women. Looking for a list of women’s film festivals? Women's experience of and activism at Cannes? Are you working above or below the line and looking for your specialist #womeninfilm databases? This is for you .  Women's Film Activism   Podcasts, interviews & analysis from the global #womeninfilm movement since 2009, with lots about Aotearoa New Zealand of course. So many activists I love and whose work I admire in this publication. May they always be remembered! Women Filmmaker