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How To Be A #WomeninFilm Activist :Sophie Mayer's Manifesto

I love Sophie Mayer and her work and her generosity. If you’re not familiar with her, check out my  interview  with her, when she launched her latest book , Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema, in 2016;  she is also a poet . I endorse everything she writes in this post, originally published on Facebook. by Sophie Mayer So. Over the last few days, several dozen people have approached me about setting up, moderating or endorsing various kinds of closed/secret/anonymous groups or portals for disclosure of harassment and assault in the screen sector. I'm glad people are ready to talk, but here's (a) why I think they're asking me; and (b) why I've said no, and what I think we do instead. Take a deep breath -- I'm going long. If you like it, Paypal me . 1. a) I am public about being a survivor of serial sexual abuse, rape and assault. b) Going public is not for everyone, for reasons we know; I'm not going to tell you that disclosure is em