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The Activist Complex Female Protagonist Roars

Introducing The Complex Female Protagonist Roars This year, I got a stall at the local queer fair  Out in The Park , to sell my neonics-free bee-loved flowering plants , another artist's beautiful work and this cap, which I had made in New Zealand from a design by the Bluestocking Film Series , thanks to its director, Kate Kaminski. The fair was postponed – Wellington wind – so I distributed some caps to family and Facebook friends. I’m delighted that the new owners tell me stories about when they choose to wear the caps, how they feel wearing them, the responses of those they meet when wearing them. Wearing a cap with the Complex Female Protagonist slogan has many effects. I love it. Last year, when I wrote Get Your Hopes Up , near International Women’s Day, I recalled what David Mamet wrote, about drama being about the creation and deferment of hope. This year, because of those caps and the stories their owners tell me, my mind and heart are on the Complex Female P