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Wellywood Woman Leaves For Other Gardens

Time to turn 'Wellywood Woman' to compost, take it to new gardens, real and metaphorical. Time to go.   Blogger's been unsatisfactory for a while, since format changes caused some intros to drop out; and other ugly problems. So I've taken posts that I still love, and that readers have loved, to my Medium publications (which I enjoy looking at and you may find useful or even entertaining). #womeninfilm, #festivals & #databases Festivals truly matter for #womeninfilm. Some are for women. Looking for a list of women’s film festivals? Women's experience of and activism at Cannes? Are you working above or below the line and looking for your specialist #womeninfilm databases? This is for you .  Women's Film Activism   Podcasts, interviews & analysis from the global #womeninfilm movement since 2009, with lots about Aotearoa New Zealand of course. So many activists I love and whose work I admire in this publication. May they always be remembered! Women Filmmaker

Sister Galvan

An interview with film-maker Marian Evans by Heather McPherson (2004) H McP: You’ve chosen this medium — film-making — subsequent to being an artist and publisher. Can you talk about why? ME: I’d often thought about making films. But I’d never felt enough of an artist to make super 8 films on my own like, say, Joanna Paul. Especially as I tend to think in long, costly, sequences. Digital film-making changed everything. The wonderful thing about digital technology is that it offers infinite possibilities for portraying someone’s life and ideas. We’re no longer limited to either a film or something written, something on the Internet, an audio oral history or a video one, an emphasis on still or moving images. We can mix it all up and use multiple authorship to get what we want, using autobiographical or biographical sources. I find that exciting because it makes it possible to make a film about someone now, and include all the past stuff on an extended DVD.  Sister Galvan  doesn’t do j

Rouzie Hassanova & Annie Collins in Conversation

  Rouzie Hassanova introduces her Radiogram (photo: Adrienne Martyn) To mark the anniversary of the Christchurch massacre, on 15 March 2019, Green MP Jan Logie hosted a screening of  Rouzie Hassanova’s  Radiogram , organised by #directedbywomen #aotearoa. It was just before New Zealand’s first Covid-19 lockdown, in March 2020. We got together for a drink and a snack at Backbenchers, along with our lovely photographer  Adrienne Martyn , and then crossed to Parliament’s Beehive theatrette. (Since then New Zealanders have become very familiar with this venue, where almost-daily Covid-19 press conferences are streamed, with the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, other Ministers and the Legendary Dr Ashley Bloomfield.) Lorna Kanavatoa welcomed us all in the voice of the mana whenua, Taranaki Te Ātiawa, and introduced Jan as ‘one of our local Porirua people who we’re so proud of having amongst us and who speaks on our behalf’. Jan Logie speaks from the heart (photo: Adrienne Martyn) When Jan spo