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What Will Make Women's Work 'Cool'?

Someone asked me the other day, “Why is women’s work in film and theatre never described as ‘cool’? And the same week, our Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition reminded me that people in our culture often use the adjective ‘hot’ to describe women they perceive as cool. And it seems to me on this muggy Friday afternoon, that if our focus is on ‘hot’ women, we’re likely to be interested in their work only when it directly reinforces their perceived ‘hot’-ness rather than in the work itself. Grrrr. On the bright side, Roseanne Liang's and Rosemary Riddell’s work may encourage the use of ‘cool’ in reference to the work of New Zealand women filmmakers. It’s not long before the release of Roseanne’s romantic comedy My Wedding & Other Secrets . I’ve heard that it’s a very cool movie, and I’ve interviewed Roseanne and her fellow script-writer, Angeline Loo (for publication later this week). And the other week, Empire gave The Insatiable Moon four stars. Rosemary Riddell