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Women's Film Festivals Around the World

This page is now converted to an eBook, available here.

eBook cover shows three filmmakers at a Q&A at Women Make Waves Festival Taiwan. One of them is speaking into her microphone.


  1. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to contact you. There is an important film festival that is missing from your list, that of Women's Voices Now. Women's Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival -

    We are trying to get the gears in motion for another festival, to be announced in 2013 and to take place in 2014. I'd really like to be in touch with you about this and to learn more about your work and the possibility of you writing a piece about WVN. Please contact me at your convenience!
    Best, Heidi

  2. Hi - we'd love to have the Women's Film Festival in Brattleboro, VT added to your list. Our 22nd annual festival is March 8 - 17, 2013. I'd love to send you the poster for it - how do I do that?


  3. جشنواره بین المللی فیلم زنان
    Herat International Women's Film Festival
    Herat, Afghanistan

    The city of Herat will host the three-day International Film Festival on the occasion of 8 March International Women's Day

  4. WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival

    WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival is a gender-specific initiative to invite all women filmmakers and digital media artists from around the world to showcase their works.

    1. Thanks, Ali. I have the Herat Fest on my PInterest festival page and will be happy to add both of these here asap.

  5. So glad you included La Femme Film Festival. I was a guest panelist there along with my partner, producer & comedian Brian Vermeire. Here are some clips. There was good networking and a great final event.

  6. Many thanks, Kristina! Always great to have insider info!

  7. Looking for some great women's festivals to submit our brand new documentary short film TITS

  8. Wellywood Woman,
    A great list of current women's film festival. Thank you.
    Does anyone keep a list and work to archive (programs, posters, reviews, name of organizers, etc) of the HISTORY of women's film festivals?? I have urged the filmmakers of "BE NATURAL: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache" to PLEASE interview feminist film festival programmers who have been showing her works since at least 1973, that I know of -- ie place women's film festival within the historic context to recover this hugely important woman film pioneer.
    Also urge you and your community to check out (& Like): I am working to bring back some of the original films produced by Women Make Movies in the 1970s, many of them narratives, that haven't been seen in years. And get them, and other films on the road! -- Ariel dougherty

    1. Hi I've only just seen this! Thank you. There is a mailing list for film festival studies generally that would know about this. Will have a look for the address and leave it here. Checking out your FB page now!

    2. This is the group and there is a woman there, Skadi Loist, who is very knowledgeable about women's film fests, probably you already know her?

  9. Dear Wellywood Woman,
    I'm trying to get my film "The Trail", where I play the lead role to a film festival in New Zealand specifically.

    Any advice on which ones would be interested? It is unique to other pioneer/western dramas as it places a young woman's story in the winter of 1848 of survival in the wilderness at the center.

    Here is a link to the trailer:

    It already won best film and best actress by 2 other film festivals in the US. It's such a unique story that I'm so proud of, and would love to see it screened in NZ.

    Any advice/info would be much appreciated!

    -Jasmin Jandreau

    1. Hi Jasmin. The main film festival that takes features is the NZ International Film Festival which travels around New Zealand, though there are two smaller ones, like the Maoriland Film Festival and Wairoa Festival (both for indigenous filmmaking) that also show features and Show Me Shorts for short films only. We have 4 million people here, so that's it! Maybe Australia would be better to try? Sendng you every good wish--

  10. Hello!

    This is such a useful post, thank you so much!

    I am currently working on a documentary project about women in the industry and would love to connect with you through email to get your thoughts about the culture of some of these different festivals. Would it be possible to get in touch at

    Truly appreciate it!

    Warm wishes,


  11. Hi Wellywood Woman! Women's Voices Now would love to update our post. Please contact Kelsey at so she can send you updated information for our festival. Thank you.

  12. Hello!

    I am getting in touch as I am a 3rd year Creative Events Management student from Falmouth University currently research feminist film festivals for my dissertation.

    The focus of my dissertation at present is the presence of female directors at film festivals, with a more intent focus to look at why there is a lack of female directors programmed in film festivals and the experiences/barriers women have faced regarding this subject. I am looking for female filmmakers to answer one question regarding this topic, to gather narratives from the industry and collate them to create one strong account of the unheard voices.

    I hope that my research could then be used to benefit both the film industry and female filmmakers to gain an insight into this current issue and help address it in the future.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider talking to me! If you are interested my email address is

    Kind regards,

    Megan Thompson