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Rachel O'Neill & Pip Adam

All the Cunning Stunts  (2010-11) Detail. A while back, in Courtenay Place Wellington, All the Cunning Stunts   installed a series of frames that made me smile. Juxtaposed with the Reading Cinemas complex, it provided me with a short film experience as I walked by, pausing often. All the Cunning Stunts  (2010-11) Detail. I love it that at home we can now watch films at our own pace, pause on individual images, replay sequences. It's like turning the pages of a book. And at the  All The Cunning Stunts installation,   instead of clicking on my computer I 'walked' what felt like an experimental film.   With drama.   Read text that felt like poems. Reflected on the ideas. Delighted in this elegant manifestation of media convergence, complete with reference to the Topp Twins (remember The   Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls ?) All the Cunning Stunts  (2010-11) Installation view. So imagine my delight when Pip Adam suggested that she interview  Rachel O'Neill,

Melissa Dopp 1963-2014

Melissa Dopp People come and go on Twitter. And Melissa Dopp, of Hanover, Virginia, had lots in her life beyond her energetic @reellives Twitter account and her Pinterest boards, many of them about women's filmmaking. Party politics, life with her partner Pattie (including visits to mountains, wine trails), extended family and friends. And work .  So I didn't notice that she was missing. It was a shock to receive a beautiful email from her sister Liz telling me that Melissa died on 27 August, from complications following surgery, two days after her 51st birthday. It was a struggle to understand that vibrant Melissa was gone. I don't remember how we met. But it was online, where Melissa made many friends, as she did In Real Life. And it was probably on Twitter, where the @reellives account no longer exists. We also emailed, DM'ed, shared Pinterest boards and briefly met in person, when she flew to New Zealand for Jane Campion's masterclasses . On Melissa&

The 'Women's Resolution' from World Conference of Screenwriters

Jill Golick , President Writers Guild Canada, at the Women's Resolution presentation Hard data about women screenwriters and directors continues to flood in. And some amazing responses. This Women's Resolution for instance, from the World Conference of Screenwriters held in Warsaw at the beginning of the month. The conference is major, attended by by representatives of guilds and professional bodies from around the world , like the Writers Guild of America West, so its resolutions matter to us all. Here's the full text– Statistics from writers' organizations around the world show clearly that women writers are under employed. We write fewer scripts, receive fewer commissions, have shorter careers and earn less than our male colleagues. Women have the talent, experience and ambition to participate as equals in every aspect of the industry. What stands in our way is institutional gender bias. We the 30 guilds and writers organizations present at the Warsaw Confe