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Hang Time & Casey Zilbert

Hang Time still Hang time is a new world wine term for the length of a vine’s growing season; the longer the grapes hang on the vine before harvest, the greater depth of flavour in the final wine. This also applies to our three heroes, who each need a little more time on the vine. – Hang Time writer/director/producer Casey Zilbert and producer Steve Barr Steve and Casey at work  Casey Zilbert inspires me. One of those filmmaking and feminist Women Who Do It. Who does it with speed and style and skill, with warmth and humour and joy and consummate kindness. Who consistently supports other #womeninfilm (*&* some blokes!) in very beautiful ways. Her first feature, Hang Time , is a wine-fuelled comedy for the new ‘lost generation’– millennials. It’s about millennials having a quarter-life crisis, premieres in Marlborough this weekend and then tours the country. Inspired by classic Ernest Hemingway novel Fiesta (aka The Sun Also Rises ) about drunken expats in